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What is Computer Forensics?

Computer Forensics, also known as Cyber Forensics refers to the analysis of information in the computer systems, with the objective of finding any digital evidence that can be used for legal proceedings, but also to discover the cause of an incident. Computer forensics is the process of extracting data and information from computer systems to function as digital evidence for civic purposes, or in most cases to prove and legally impeach cybercrime.

The purpose of computer forensics is to provide forensic practices, legal processes, and ethical principles to assure reliable and detailed digital evidence that can be used for the courtroom needs. The objective of computer forensics is to guarantee a well-structured investigation and a follow-up of processes in order to resolve incidents and malfunctions in an organization.

PECB Certified Computer Forensics training courses available

The available PECB program of Computer Forensics provides training courses that will assist you in learning the key concepts and practices involved in computer forensics processes. Check below to find the training course that suits you best.



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