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What is Cybersecurity Audit?

The digital evolution has brought immense benefits in innovation and growth, but the great dependence that many business models have on the Internet Cybersecurity audit is the attempt to test the efficiency of security measures and disclose any potential vulnerability that an organization may be exposed to. Cybersecurity audit probes the effectiveness and safety of the systems and their security components. Audit plays a very important role in assessing the opportunities for making the organization more secure.

Organizations have a number of cybersecurity policies, security restrictions, actions, trainings, practices, and technologies that are used to protect all the data contained in the systems. A cybersecurity audit in other words is an analysis to validate whether all the existing cybersecurity measures are being followed and implemented properly.

PECB Certified Cybersecurity Audit training courses available

Learn more about the Cybersecurity Audit industry by attending the PECB Cybersecurity Audit training courses. By clicking in one of the options below, you can find the training that best suits you and your career.

  • Cybersecurity Audit Foundation – Training, Examination, and Certification. *The Cybersecurity Audit Foundation training course is currently under development and will be available soon.
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