IS1 – CSX Fundamentals

This workshop is geared toward IT security professionals new to cyber security, recent graduates in IT-relevant fields, and IT professionals looking for a career change to cybersecurity. It prepares you for the CSX Fundamentals Exam covering the foundational areas of cyber security.


  • Understand basic cybersecurity concepts and definitions
  • Define network security architecture concepts
  • Recognize malware analysis concepts and methodology
  • Identify computer network defense (CND) and vulnerability assessment tools, including open source tools and their capabilities
  • Explain network systems management principles, models, methods, and tools
  • Distinguish system and application security threats and vulnerabilities
  • Classify types of incidents (categories, responses, and timelines for responses)
  • Outline disaster recovery and business continuity planning
  • Comprehend incident response and handling methodologies
  • Understand security event correlation tools, and how different file types can be used for a typical behavior
  • Be aware of the basic concepts, practices, tools, tactics, techniques, and procedures for processing digital forensic data
  • Recognize new and emerging information technology and information security technologies
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