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What is Penetration Testing?
A penetration test is a practice of assessing the security of an IT infrastructure by securely trying to exploit vulnerabilities that may exist in operating systems, inappropriate configurations, application errors, or end-user behavior. The penetration testing is an attempt to test the efficiency of security measures and discover any potential exploits or backdoors that may be present in computer systems; which hackers and cyber criminals can gain unauthorized access or conduct malicious activities. In addition, penetration testing is an advanced tool to detect, analyze and set protective constraints to the IT infrastructure, in order to reduce remediation of financial losses against malicious activities.
PECB Certified Lead Penetration Testing Professional training course available
Attending PECB training courses will ensure that you acquire the necessary knowledge and confidence to attain professional certification and enhance your career. Begin your experience by taking our following Lead Pen Test Professional training course.

PECB Certified Lead Pen Test Professional – Training, Examination, and Certification. Master Professional Penetration Testing. Download the brochure (format.pdf)

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